Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Invite to Fellow MCC'ians

This is to invite you to be a part of a blog to promote Wildlife at Madras Christian College, Tambaram. Photographs, articles relating to any topic of “any sort” related to the Wildlife of MCC belonging to any time scale will be posted by its members and discussed through the comments page. This blog is also a way to capture the stages that Wildlife in MCC will go through as time passes by.
Issues and photographs of a controversial type can also be published as “anonymous” by request if the author feels so. Once you join, invite people who you think will be interested especially the first years at MCC to keep this initiative going even after one’s left MCC.
P.S. The only condition being that photographs of individuals handling and displaying wildlife will not be promoted or displayed in the blog


  1. Folks, I'm Murali from the Class of 81 MCC. I'm also the erstwhile webmaster of the MCC portal and six other MCC related websites.

    Gimme a Contributor staus so that I can upload directly.


  2. dude raj here i've seen few picture tat u've posted in..dey look good... i think i was thre wit u whil u soot those picture...good shotman